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The Flexeril High: Abuse, Addiction and Recovery

The Flexeril High: Abuse, Addiction and Recovery

Flexeril is not considered a controlled substance or narcotic by the U.S. Many inpatient treatment programs are set in residential facilities on a 24-hour basis for a designated period—usually at least 30 days. Take your time talking with your doctor about your options and listening to their medical advice.

  • You have never felt such a feeling of relaxation in your entire life.
  • There are no over-the-counter (OTC) muscle relaxants in the United States.
  • For one, you are able to learn from people who understand how this type of addiction works.
  • Also, long-term abuse can result in severe liver damage, causing the organ to become large and inflamed.
  • Muscle spasm, local pain and tenderness, limitation of motion, and restriction in activities of daily living were evaluated.

Receiving quality health care and compassionate support is the most important element to getting you on your journey to sobriety. The web Browser you are currently using is unsupported, flexeril or cyclobenzaprine and some features of this site may not work as intended. Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features Michigan.gov has to offer.

As most muscle relaxers act as sedatives, some people take muscle relaxers alone or in combination with other drugs for nonmedical reasons to produce or enhance feelings of euphoria and dissociation. Each type of prescription muscle relaxer has different possible side effects. It’s important to talk to your provider or a pharmacist about possible side effects of the specific medication you’re taking or thinking of taking.

Flexeril Abuse Treatment

It’s possible to develop a damaging cycle of using this prescription muscle relaxer, leading to severe consequences. An increased tolerance increases the chances of experiencing a Flexeril overdose. Much like most prescription drugs, abusing Flexeril can quickly turn into a fully-fledged addiction.

People with liver damage or liver problems should not take cyclobenzaprine, as the interaction on the liver is potentially dangerous. While the FDA indicates that there have not been enough studies involving people with hepatic impairment, the potential for the drug interacting negatively with the liver is high. Dependence on cyclobenzaprine is recognized by the onset of withdrawal symptoms when the drug leaves the bloodstream. Depending on the drug used with Flexeril, a person’s risk of overdose and a trip to the emergency room can be greatly increased. It is only available by prescription and is generally used alongside physical therapy in order to provide short-term pain relief. Outpatient treatment also consists of some combination of detox, counseling, and peer support, but care takes place on a part-time basis while the patient continues to reside in their home.

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The drug is addictive when used for chronic pain support because it does help to inhibit pain, but people will develop tolerance over time. Some people try Flexeril for the high they get and become addicted to that feeling. However a person becomes addictive, it is difficult to quit without the help of a treatment program that supports detox and eases withdrawal symptoms. Because it’s generally prescribed as a short-term response to acute pain, Flexeril abuse is rather unlikely.

The different types and brands of skeletal muscle relaxers work in different ways to affect muscle function. Most muscle relaxers act as central nervous system depressants and cause a sedative effect, or prevent your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. People often begin abusing Flexeril by combining it with other drugs. For example, the tablet form is usually crushed and sprinkled into alcohol or snorted. This delivery method makes the effects of the drug more immediate and noticeable. The DEA has found that most abusers of Flexeril take it with some other sort of drugs such as alcohol, opioids, and benzos, which are the most dangerous possible combinations.

What is Addiction?

If you or someone you know is experiencing overdose symptoms related to Flexeril and/or other substances, seek professional medical help by visiting an emergency room or contact 911 immediately. Inpatient treatment programs may be beneficial to those who prefer to have round-the-clock support and access to extensive treatment programs without the pressure of their normal routines. This kind of treatment is best suited to those with severe Flexeril addiction or those who abuse multiple substances. Addiction is classified as a disease by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) that is related to changes in brain structure and chemical makeup as the result of substance abuse.

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If you are concerned about your personal drug use, or that a loved one may be addicted to Flexeril, it is important to familiarize yourself with the common signs of abuse. The cost of a sober living program will vary greatly, depending on the sober living home’s location, amenities, and recovery support services offered. The best way to determine the price of a sober living home is to contact an admissions representative directly for more information. They may lead to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence compared with Schedule IV drugs. Cyclobenzaprine is structurally and pharmacologically related to tricyclic antidepressants. Among the most dreaded toxicities linked with cyclical antidepressants, overdoses affect fast-acting sodium channels in the cardiac conduction system.

Rather than activating opioid receptors like other prescription painkillers, Flexeril instead blocks certain nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. Just because cyclobenzaprine isn’t an opioid though doesn’t mean it hasn’t become a substance of abuse. Aftercare is perhaps one of the most important (and often forgotten) elements of treatment. Many people assume that addiction treatment is over when they complete their initial rehab program, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cyclobenzaprine is most useful for cases of acute musculoskeletal pain and muscle spasms. It can be used on occasion for chronic pain, though it’s less suited for this kind of pain (5).

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