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  • Nitin Malla
    Nitin Malla
    4 months ago

    Well deserved #11 restaurant in the world ranking and 2 Michelin stars. I hope they get their 3rd Michelin star next year. Everything about the experience was outstanding. It's not easy to pull if haute Indian cuisine but Tresind Studio creates a unique and unforgettable experience. I like that they don't cater to the Instagram crowd, it's high quality food with unique presentation and none of the boring caviar/truffle on everything that many Michelin star restaurants are doing. The 10 course drink pairing was decent but I would have preferred the cocktails to be better presented and not served from a bottle. Makes me proud to see all-Indian staff (in kitchen and front of restaurant). Only 6 tables, all with great view of the open kitchen.

  • Marcin Tatjewski
    Marcin Tatjewski
    4 months ago

    Exquisite food with a compelling narrative around it! You will never look the same at Indian cuisine after a driver in Tresind Studio. I was especially impressed with the robust drink pairing (you get more than 10 drinks with your tasting menu) and the fact it had limited alcohol in order to enable you to enjoy the feast without getting drunk.

  • Yara Almously
    Yara Almously
    2 months ago

    I have not one bad thing to say about this restaurant. The service was impeccable, timed well and very very friendly and accommodating. The dishes were divine in taste and truly beautiful. The atmosphere is sleek and clean- i wish they had a view but this is easily overlooked by everything else. Also something noteworthy was their playlist- i shazammed half their music before a member of staff told me their have their own playlist on spotify. They also have a quaint painter painting live at the welcome area of the restaurant, at the end of the night i was gifted one of his paintings. Truly an unforgettable experience

  • Shane Grennan
    Shane Grennan
    5 months ago

    Out of this world, perfection? Needs 7 stars 16 course tasting menu 1700 aed for 2. It’s nearly pointless, trying to describe this amazing 16 course experience that is now only even more perfect that they have moved to dedicated space in the Saint Regis Gardens. The food is mind-boggling. They have the most amazing broths that accompany three or four of the dishes, how can they make broth So tasty. The service is slick, professional, but not aloof, you feel welcome and relaxed. It’s special occasion territory, for us mere mortals, but I’m already looking forward to the next time I can return

  • Rorschach Bell
    Rorschach Bell
    2 months ago

    Excellent for the cocktail, it is almost the best which I tried through out my life, but for the food,they use different curry to make every single dish different. On the other, the service quality is just fine from the dining room,but from the bar it is great.

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