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  • Y Magnolia
    Y Magnolia
    4 months ago

    Just had Micro Form session with Jayson Goldberg. So intense (in a good way!) motivating and I can feel it’s working! Happy with my body response (muscle pain everywhere which means they’ve been properly used and moved! Facility is very clean and cozy, locker room with two shower rooms (body soap, shampoo, conditioner bath towels available), bathrooms, they have amenities like cotton pads, makeup remover, hair dryer, straightener as well. Staff were very friendly, I was warm welcomed. Had a great morning with them and I’d love to go back soon!

  • Fatima Mohamed
    Fatima Mohamed
    4 months ago

    I recently had an extremely disappointing experience with a reformer class that left a bitter taste in my mouth. As tourists visiting the area from Bahrain, we were excited to try out different fitness classes during our stay. However, the treatment we received at this particular reformer class was beyond unacceptable. First and foremost, despite paying for the class, we were denied entry simply because we arrived a mere five minutes late. It is understandable to have some policies regarding punctuality, but the inflexible and rigid attitude displayed by the staff was unwarranted. We were willing to participate and had already paid for the session, yet we were completely disregarded. To make matters worse, the staff members were incredibly rude and showed no empathy towards our situation. We explained that we were tourists and unfamiliar with the area, which may have contributed to our slight delay. However, instead of offering assistance or understanding, they responded with condescending remarks and an unwillingness to accommodate us. Despite the fact that we were denied access to the class and subjected to their unprofessional behavior, the staff refused to provide a refund. Their lack of customer service and refusal to rectify the situation demonstrated a complete disregard for their patrons' satisfaction. As visitors to the area, we expected a more welcoming and understanding atmosphere, especially from a fitness establishment. Given the experience we had, I cannot recommend this reformer class to anyone, especially tourists like ourselves. The combination of their strict entry policy, rude behavior, and refusal to refund our payment leaves a lasting impression of a business that values rules over customer satisfaction. As a result, we will not be returning to this gym and would advise others to seek alternative options in the area. In summary, our encounter with this reformer class was nothing short of disappointing. The refusal to accommodate us for a slight delay, along with their disrespectful and unhelpful attitude, tarnished our overall perception of their business. We hope that our feedback encourages them to reevaluate their customer service approach and consider the needs of their patrons, regardless of their origin or circumstances.

  • Anna Lehane
    Anna Lehane
    a year ago

    My first class with RA, and it was an excellent class. That microformer looks small but wow it makes you work 😅 Sam was also fantastic, really clear instructions and made me feel at ease straight away. The studio itself is beautiful, such a welcoming space with everything you could need. Karen at the front desk was also very helpful. I will definitely be back!

  • nadine salameh
    nadine salameh
    2 months ago

    Visited the branch in Jumeirah today and had quite the disappointing experience. To begin with, the lack of parking in the area is a known issue, so naturally, one might anticipate patrons occasionally running a tad late. I was a mere 7 minutes behind for my pre-booked session, only to be told I couldn't attend. Mind you, I had even brought a friend along to try the place out for the first time - it was mortifying. Apparently, their policy permits a 5-minute grace period, but an extra 3 minutes is where they draw the line? This would be somewhat understandable if it was clearly mentioned during the booking process, but there was absolutely no mention of it on the booking app. As a regular customer, I was never informed of this policy either. Upon questioning, I was told it's on their website, which feels a tad deceptive since not everyone checks the site after using an app. To add to the frustration, there wasn't any management present to address the situation. Although I got my credit back, the overall handling was unprofessional. We had to drive back from whence we came, and this experience pales in comparison to other Pilates centres in Dubai. Communication and clarity are key, especially in a service industry. Disheartened and unlikely to return.

  • H G
    H G
    4 years ago

    7 Pilates stations . Wish the there were more ladies classes early in the morning with different female instructors . Same goes for the TRX class . Paid parking is available in the front, otherwise park in Mercato Mall for free and walk to the studio. Wish instructors used a mic to be able to hear better over the music . Classes depend on the teachers honestly, same class can be totally different . Complementary towels available and water ( bring your own bottle).

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