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  • Fay Mushantaf
    Fay Mushantaf
    4 months ago

    Carlos was the second instructor I worked with in Real Racquet Academy, and it is easy to say he is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. Patient, encouraging and practical. I highly recommend him!

  • DT LB
    DT LB
    4 months ago

    I called to book several sessions, asked for best options. Girl on the phone was very vague bombarding me we prices, not really answering my questions. So I decided to stop by their office at the club. Same thing overload of unneeded details and no clarity. Worst sales office in my experience in Dubai. Even though we were not clear understanding what is available, we booked what we almost randomly chose. First two session were good - trainer was cool, professional and a good fit for our goals (Ernest is the one to play with). Service however was terrible - I wanted to pay while we were booking, receptionist told us “no”, nobody showed up at our session to settle the transaction, they told me not to stop by their tent… When I left, receptionist started to message me in WhatApp asking for payment, I was told that I can’t pay in the app but I did pay in the app, they told us one price in person and then called to change the price, I paid certain amount assigned by them in the app but it was wrong. They told me that the whole payment can be settled via link which I declined to do since that is the first step when someone intents to scam you. Communication for booking is horrible - every time I have to confirm with the club, then trainer asks for confirmation separately, then club (don’t ask me why) asks for confirmation again. It is a mess to say the least. Finally I asked where I can leave a feedback. After dodging my question several times, I got the answer that there is no feedback form and it is not possible. Overall tone of communication is unprofessional, rude and unfriendly. I wouldn’t recommend to sign up for any sessions here unless you are in for some unpleasant adventure.

  • Настя Ларина

    I recently had the pleasure of taking classes with a padel coach Carlos who truly exceeded all of my expectations. He was not only extremely knowledgeable about the sport tactics but also had a remarkable ability to explain the complex techniques in a way that was easy to understand. What really stood out to me was Carlos' unwavering patience and positivity throughout the entire coaching process. No matter how many times I struggled with a particular technique, he remained calm and encouraging, always pushing me to do better and reach my full potential. In addition to his patience and positivity, his sense of humor really helped to make the experience enjoyable and fun. Overall, I would highly recommend Calros to players who are just starting their Padel journey.

    6 months ago

    It’s very bad service there, not care about the customer, and not good, The playing field is not good, cheap, as well as the treatment of the staff is very bad, and they are not cooperative with the customer. Not worthy of the status of Dubai. I do not advise people to visit the club.

  • f feng
    f feng
    8 months ago

    The location is good. However there are an unbelievable management in the padel tennis club. 1. Rude service. They will remove people if you didn't take personal training sessions as per their suggestion in time. Very commercial! 2. Limited coach information. They don't provide coach profiles so you have no way to know whether they are qualified! Go, play and pay if you are happy with the above standard. Good luck.

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