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  • Dubai Miracle Garden
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  • Highway Video
    Highway Video
    3 weeks ago

    Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's largest natural flower garden, and what a beautiful place—truly breathtaking. The garden features an astonishing variety of flowers arranged in stunning designs and intricate patterns. It is renowned for its large-scale floral sculptures, including a life-size Airbus A380 airplane, a floral castle, heart-shaped arches, and a floral clock, showcasing incredible thought and creativity. The garden is expansive; we spent an entire day here and still felt like we needed more time. You can't stop taking pictures because everything is so mesmerizing. It feels like you're in a magical fairy-tale world. It's worth every five-star review and much more. Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-visit attraction, providing a colorful and magical escape in the heart of the desert.

  • Ibrahim Akbarov
    Ibrahim Akbarov
    2 months ago

    I recently visited the Miracle Garden in Dubai and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Firstly, the price of entry was incredibly reasonable, especially considering the stunning display of flowers that awaited us. The flowers were truly something out of a dream - vibrant, well-maintained, and absolutely beautiful. It was evident that a lot of care and effort had gone into ensuring that the garden looked its best. I also appreciated how well-organized the garden was. Despite the large number of visitors, everything seemed to flow smoothly and there was ample space to walk around and fully appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Overall, my experience at the Miracle Garden was nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a magical and memorable day out. Well done to the team for creating such a wonderful space for visitors to enjoy.

  • ngawang sherpa
    ngawang sherpa
    2 weeks ago

    Wonderful garden with a wide variety of flowers. If you like flowers and enjoy garden type palce then this is a place you should not miss. Would recommend buying the tickets online during the busy season. I went a week before they closed, and while the flowers were planted in October, it was still a good experience to see the garden. It is well maintained and a good experience. They have a bunch of different theme gardens, mostly Disney theme, and it was great but a hot summer experience. On a different note, be careful of the taxi service opposite to the garden entrance. We were scammed and had the worst experience with the cab and the driver. They told us a certain price and argued and told us to get out in the middle of the highway when we argued what he and his friend did was wrong. Just Uber or the actual meter cabs. If you have time, I would recommend coming here and enjoy the garden.

  • Muhammad Azam
    Muhammad Azam
    a month ago

    DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN: Immerse yourself in a world of botanical beauty at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Spanning a vast area, this garden is a floral masterpiece, showcasing over 150 million flowers in intricate designs and breathtaking patterns. From heart-shaped archways to a grand floral castle, every corner of the garden promises a visual treat. The ideal time to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden is between October and February. The garden operates from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekdays and 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on weekends. Apart from the vast floral displays, visitors can explore the Dubai Butterfly Garden, the 15-meter floral clock, the Smurfs’ Village, the Emirates A380 floral structure, and the amphitheatre for live events.

  • Prasad Kaladi
    Prasad Kaladi
    3 months ago

    Experience a botanical paradise at the Dubai Miracle Garden, where you can explore a vast expanse of floral wonder. The garden made its debut on Valentine's Day in 2013 and spans across more than 780,000 sq ft, earning the title of the world's largest natural flower garden. With over 150 million flowers and 250 million plants, it is a magnificent display of nature's abundance. With flowers meticulously arranged in stunning designs and patterns, this garden is a true masterpiece. Discover heart-shaped arches and a majestic floral castle, each corner offering a captivating spectacle of beauty. I was utterly captivated by the sheer beauty and grandeur of the floral displays. Walking through the garden felt like stepping into a whimsical wonderland filled with vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. One of the highlights of my visit was strolling along the intricate pathways lined with meticulously crafted floral sculptures and designs. From towering arches adorned with cascading blooms to life-sized structures fashioned entirely from flowers, every corner of the garden was a feast for the eyes. I found myself marveling at the creativity and artistry behind each display, snapping countless photos to capture the breathtaking scenes. The sheer scale of the garden, with millions of flowers blooming in perfect harmony, was simply awe-inspiring. Despite the scorching Dubai heat, the garden provided ample shaded areas and seating, allowing me to leisurely explore and take in the beauty at my own pace. I particularly enjoyed relaxing in the shaded gazebos surrounded by a riot of colors. This was the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. Various floral designs include one on a huge plane of Emirates. Penguins, elephants, cartoons and what not.

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