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  • Dubai Hills Park - Emaar
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  • Morshedul alam
    Morshedul alam
    6 months ago

    Dubai Hills Park - A Masterpiece by Emaar: - Master Plan by Emaar: Dubai Hills Park, masterfully planned by Emaar, stands as a centerpiece, covering a significant area and enhancing the overall residential experience for Dubai Hills residents. - Expansive Recreational Area: Encompassing most residential buildings, the park offers a vast recreational area. Its thoughtful design caters to diverse age groups, providing a holistic environment for residents. - Kid-Friendly Activities: Abuzz with activity, the park boasts numerous features for children, fostering a vibrant play environment. From designated play zones to highland areas for kids' hiking, it caters to the diverse interests of the younger residents. - Adult-Friendly Amenities:Beyond kids' activities, adults can enjoy designated areas for get-togethers, a dedicated Dogs Play Zone, restrooms, and a convenient grocery spot inside the park. - Recreational Facilities: The park boasts an array of recreational facilities, including basketball courts, hanging ropes, cycling paths, and a jogging track, catering to the fitness and leisure needs of all residents. - Increased Property Value:Undoubtedly, Dubai Hills Park significantly enhances the value of properties in Dubai Hills. Its presence not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall lifestyle and well-being of the community. - Residential Building Integration: Prominent residential buildings like Mulberry, Executive Residences, Park Ridge, and others seamlessly link to the park. This exclusive backdoor access, secured for residents only, enhances the accessibility and privacy of the park. - Security Measures: The security lock mechanism ensures that only residents have access to the linked park areas, providing a sense of safety and exclusivity. - Free Parking Facilities: Offering free parking within the park, Emaar demonstrates a commitment to residents' convenience, encouraging more families and friends to gather and enjoy the diverse offerings of Dubai Hills Park. - Dubai Hills Park, envisioned and executed by Emaar, is more than just a green space; it's a vibrant community hub. With a plethora of activities for all age groups, exclusive links to residential buildings, and practical amenities, it exemplifies the commitment to a holistic lifestyle. As a central feature in Dubai Hills, the park not only enhances the intrinsic value of properties but also fosters a sense of community, making it a truly lovely place for residents to spend quality time with family and friends.

  • Tariq Hameed Asif
    Tariq Hameed Asif
    2 months ago

    Dubai Hills Park, crafted by Emaar, is not merely a greenspace; it is a testament to innovative urban planning and a celebration of community living. As one wanders through its meticulously designed landscapes, vibrant gardens, and family-friendly amenities, the park emerges as a vibrant nucleus where residents connect, children play, and families create lasting memories. This masterfully envisioned park, with its intertwining pathways and contemporary design, is more than a recreational area; it's a communal heartbeat that fosters a sense of belonging. From the serene lakes to the modern playgrounds, Dubai Hills Park stands as a symbol of Emaar's commitment to creating sustainable and harmonious living spaces within the bustling metropolis. May Dubai Hills Park endure as a beloved destination, providing a sanctuary for residents to unwind, exercise, and connect with nature. The ongoing efforts to cultivate its beauty ensure that it remains an integral part of the dynamic fabric of Dubai Hills Estate. To the visionaries, architects, and caretakers behind Dubai Hills Park, may your dedication to crafting this urban haven be acknowledged and celebrated. May the park continue to thrive as a testament to the seamless integration of nature and modern living, enriching the lives of those who call Dubai Hills Estate home.

  • tasneem Kadu
    tasneem Kadu
    3 months ago

    Gorgeous green space, with alot of different park areas for the kids, the Dragon Park is pur favourite! Free parking. There's also ALOT of grass areas to play football, outdoor games or even take a picnic.

  • Rehan Ahmed
    Rehan Ahmed
    4 months ago

    Impressive park offering a variety of activities for kids and sports enthusiasts, including basketball and table tennis. The expansive jogging track is perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Ample parking is available across three convenient locations. A unique feature is the small water park with a wavy pool for children's enjoyment. Access is AED25 for residents of the Emaar Hills community, while outsiders can enter for AED 40. Multiple kids' play areas enhance the overall experience.

  • Sally S
    Sally S
    4 months ago

    One small water park, one dog park, some small places for kids, one big grass park, 2000 meters running way. Good place

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