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  • B G
    B G
    2 months ago

    School facilities are a little dated for Dubai standards. Using a marketing strategy involving perceived limited availability of spaces in the school. Communication and response times with parents can be certainly improved. Lacks transparency when it comes with their admission process. For some unknown reason common knowledge says that there is a preference for certain national and ethnic backgrounds in the school. There are many excellent British curriculum choices in Dubai, yet whether this institution is part of them can be a question whose answer is certainly far from straightforward.

  • Dodz 479
    Dodz 479
    5 months ago

    Having recently visited Dubai British School Emirates Hills, I would like to share my impressions of the institution. While the school has some positive aspects, there were a few areas that left me with mixed feelings. One of the strengths of Dubai British School Emirates Hills is its strong emphasis on academic achievement. The curriculum is well-structured and rigorous, and the teachers appear knowledgeable and dedicated to their students' success. The school offers a range of subjects and extracurricular activities that help foster a well-rounded education. The resources and facilities available, including well-equipped classrooms and technology, contribute positively to the learning environment. Additionally, the school's commitment to creating a sense of community is commendable. Students and staff were friendly and welcoming, and there seemed to be a strong camaraderie among the school community. The support systems in place, such as mentoring programs and pastoral care, demonstrate a genuine concern for students' well-being. However, there were certain areas that left room for improvement. One noticeable issue was the lack of diversity in the student body. While the school claims to be an international institution, it seemed to predominantly cater to a particular demographic. Greater efforts should be made to foster a more inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates different cultures and backgrounds. Another concern I had was the limited extracurricular options available. While the school does offer some activities, the range and variety could be expanded to cater to a wider range of student interests and talents. This would enhance students' overall educational experience and promote their holistic development. Furthermore, the school's facilities, although adequate, could benefit from some upgrades and renovations. The campus felt somewhat dated, and certain areas could use refurbishment to create a more modern and inspiring learning environment. In conclusion, Dubai British School Emirates Hills has its strengths in terms of academic achievement, a sense of community, and supportive resources. However, there are areas that require attention, such as promoting diversity, expanding extracurricular options, and improving the facilities. With further improvements, the school has the potential to provide an even more enriching educational experience for its students.

  • Zaheer Mohammed
    Zaheer Mohammed
    a year ago

    The school refused a tour stating they don't have admissions available for the year we wanted to enroll our daughter for. When we asked how do we ever consider the school for any future year, they just went silent. Amazing attitude towards prospective parents! Too much business I suppose, someone must remind then of earlier covid times! Pity the school.

  • Ayesha Rahman
    Ayesha Rahman
    2 years ago

    After 2 years in Dubai finally we found a school, our daughter has been here for over 4 years and so far primary school has been amazing! Everyday she finds new friends and learning easier. Let's see how secondary goes!

  • Adnan corner
    Adnan corner
    2 years ago

    Good school. My first school when i shifted to UAE in 2005. I was thinking about my past, - school/ and university times. it so thought to give a review. surprisingly i was the first student getting admission in year 9. Lots of memories.

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