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  • Hluke Maleyana
    Hluke Maleyana
    a week ago

    This restaurant is beyond 5 star. Well worth the rich flavoured food. The taste buds were tantalised by the succulent fresh choice of gourmet food. Highly recommended. A trip to Dubai without sampling the food here is incomplete.

  • Audrey Nika
    Audrey Nika
    5 months ago

    While the food wasn't exceptional, I must say that the overall experience was quite pleasant. One notable aspect of the restaurant is its stunning views of the fountain. However, I must admit that the food itself was rather average. While it wasn't necessarily bad, it didn't stand out as anything extraordinary. The dishes lacked that special touch or unique flavor combinations that one might expect from a high-end restaurant. All in all the combination of good service and beautiful fountain views created a pleasant environment that made up for the middling food.

  • Sara Al Ali
    Sara Al Ali
    4 months ago

    The food here was mediocre, and had everyone on my table wondering how they won a Michelin star. The best dish we had was a complimentary green pea dish that we started with. Everything else was not as good. The Mr Armani’s ‘favourite’ ravioli was heavy and greasy, lacking in flavour. It’s a simple ricotta and spinach ravioli which should be hard to mess up, but somehow they did. We also ordered clam pasta that only tasted like salt and nothing else. We had some fish dishes that were ok, but still below our expectations for a restaurant of this level. The service was good, no complaints there, the staff greeted us warmly and explained the menu well. The atmosphere was decent, pretty quiet on a weekday evening, so it’s a pleasant experience.

  • Lina Alhmaid
    Lina Alhmaid
    2 months ago

    It was shocking disappointing experience, the decoration is a complete failure, boring the music is boring , the set up is like American diners places . The food is average while the presentation is artistic, make sure when you order a bottle of wine that they get you the one with the price in the menus 😉 service is good and staff are friendly. I would say the best part was the desert . Overrated place and hotel .

  • Nhalen G
    Nhalen G
    2 weeks ago

    We dined with 5 people and took a tasting menu with wine pairing. We expected really that this will bring a good experience after dining out multiple times with 1 Michelin stars restaurants through out Dubai and even dined out with the three restaurants that hold 2 Michelin stars. We didn’t have a good food experience, very disappointed and not worth the money, we paid 7,500 aed. Better take ala carte menu. We end up returning all our fish dishes, the server said it was sea bass (but when the chef came out) it was cod actually. Taste very grainy with foul smell(as if its a day old). The chef was kind enough to gave us meat instead. The waiting time was really too long for a dish to come out. Service was a bit disorganized and needs improvement. You pay for the view in this restaurant not about the food.

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