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Black or White Friday? And what does it have to do with me?

If you’re anything like your close circle, your annoying neighbour, hell, even your new favourite Instagram celeb, you may have already bagged your wishlist in the past week’s crazy sales. And yes, undoubtedly, I’m talking about your Black, Yellow, maybe Pink or whatever pantheon of colours exist under the sky that has been associated with this specific Friday.
Black Friday sales are one of the biggest retail events to be held with the plain idea of bringing people to stores. Tagged with one of the heaviest discounts and slashed prices, the day marks the beginning of your Christmas shopping. While this did begin in the U.S., globalisation and the expanse of technology have brought Black Friday across regions.Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a good deal on items that have been sitting on their wishlist for a long time? And do not mistake this for chance. Consumers across the MENA region look ahead for Black Friday sales to seal the deal.

Research shows that customers have patiently waited for weeks ahead of the sale to make big purchases with regard to home improvement, expensive apparel or even to splurge a little more on themselves.

In fact, the MENA region holds a whopping 30% above the global average of spending during the Black Friday week. With apps and online sites entering the fray, shopping has become idiot-proof. After all, as customers, we are on the lookout for convenience without emptying our pockets, which is what local stores and online shopping apps offer on this massive saving week.

So without batting an eye, businesses can make the most of this opportunity. Having the option of buying products far below the normal price, gives consumers more purchasing, power in turn, more sales for business, so why not capitalise on it? The best part about this is that the festive fever is around the corner. A normal UAE expat’s or national’s end-of-the-year shopping starts with National Day celebrations, coupled with Christmas, all the way leading up to New Year.

While we fully agree that Black Friday is a traditionally retail industry specific phenomenon, but what harm can be made in taking advantage of the same by other industries like home services, salons, gyms, etc? Lookyworld.com’s platform could help you with the exposure and showcasing your promotions to a wider range of audience without breaking the bank.

Take control of your business page and update your special packages in time for the holidays. Get creative with the type of packages you offer to your clients, be it a festive makeover if you own a salon, or a home improvement package in time for the holidays if you are managing a home services company or a gym membership package targeting individuals concerned about their post-holiday bodies. The objective should be attracting consumers when they usually tend to neglect such services among the hustle and bustle of the season.

The trick is tailor and customise your business page to stay relevant with current holiday seasons and upgrade your offerings to keep your clients excited. Lookyworld.com allows for business owners to tweak and make your business profile unique to your business so what are you waiting for?
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Sandhra Sam, a textbook example of a third-culture kid, was raised in Dubai and is frequently seen wandering Bengaluru’s streets or cuddling up with a movie if she isn’t deep in reading. Sandhra has been writing since the construction of Burj Khalifa began in ’04. Curating recipes, indulging in poor jokes and most of all, having a good time is what she’s known for. You can also find her amidst a heated discussion about current politics, human rights and international relations. Oh and also she works as a Business Journalist on the side.

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